Volunteer Opportunities in South Dakota!Looking for an opportunity to volunteer during the summer of 2023? Join others from the greater Medford area in volunteering as a group on the Pine Ridge reservation in South Dakota! 

This volunteer experience will take place through Re-Member, an independent non-profit on Pine Ridge that improves the quality of reservation life through relationships, shared resources and volunteer services.  The greater Medford community has participated in annual volunteer trips to the Pine Ridge reservation since 2012. Volunteers work with Re-Member on building and community projects for the benefit of tribal members. The relationships formed over the years inspired Medford residents to create the Lakota YouthStay Program which brings youth from Pine Ridge to the Medford area for a 9 day cultural exchange program each summer. 

The 2023 volunteer trip to Pine Ridge is tentatively planned for June 24 – 30th.   For more information,  go to Pine Ridge Volunteer Trips or contact us at info@lakotayouthstay.org

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